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Consulting - Management Consulting - Diagnosis, Analysis, Implementation - Strategic Consulting

Management Consulting

Diagnosis, Analysis, Management Consulting and Assistance especially dedicated to microenterprises and to SMEs especially for improving its own performances, for bettering and add Value to the Enterprise.

In increasingly complex and competitive business contexts Management Consulting is more and more necessary for giving a Vision, a Direction to the Enterprise, for taking important and especially strategic decisions, for evaluating not only its own Business, new opportunities of Business Models and also new Strategies, but also for evaluating new Opportuny and perspective of Business, Development, and to promote Changes, among the other purposes, working on solid foundation achieving better results with a long-term perspective.  

Mentoring/Consulting and Assistance also Temporary Management Solutions moreover in Strategic Marketing/Marketing, EXPORT/Internationalization, Business Model design and Organization in setting up/organization/development/management/management guide and control.
.Management Consulting - Organization.

The diagnosis and an in-depth and detailed analysis are prepared keeping into consideration all the company's aspects at 360°; the  Consulting document includes therefore the Corporate Strategy and the Competitive Marketing and the Commercial aspects that trace the general guides suitable to the Customer for its development and its consolidation on the markets.

Especially Microenterprises and MSCs, if desidered, can be supported in their setting-up in terms of organization, internal company's processes and in their activities, taking care traditional marketing aspects related to the product, a support to the commercial area regarding  the business development especially on international markets, implementing also Customer-Care activities up the customization of the Company's acquired Customers.
Therefore S.B.S. Customer is followed in its own starting phases, in its development until it is able to reach the characteristic and an organization suitable to its specific needs.  

This allows the Customer to make small, flexible phased investments limiting the risks of enterprise.

Integrated services are offered especially to start-ups, to the Microenterprise and to the MSCs still not organized, and to those enterprises interested in new international markets, further to no-profit Organizations.

. Export/Internationalization - Europroject Manager
. Pre-Feasibility Study - Feasibility Study and Analysis - Export/Internationalization Plan - Europroject Management

. Corporate Strategy - Competitive Strategy - Positioning
. Consulting, Evaluation of international markets - Support Business Development especially abroad

. Customs

. Marketing & Communication - Strategic Marketing - Digital Marketing - Digital Internationalization - SEO - Digitalization, e-commerce - Social Media Marketing Management
. Sustainable and Ethic Development

. Strategic Credit Risk Management; Companies Profiles Evaluation; Credit Risk Analysis
Analysis of companies profiles by using ratios, indexes and ratings, for granting credit of supplying, partnerships, merger/acquisition, competition evaluations; for credit requirements to banks, and other cases; Business Plans; Organization; Strategic Marketing.
. Support to the evaluation of foreign business development/Internationalization, strategic/operative marketing: international markets positioning and competitors evaluation

. On-line Advice appointment-only starting from Euros 80,00 VAT included per hour, up to Euros 200,00 VAT included 1h and 30', on the basis of the complexity of Customer needs.  

Advice about Digital, GDPR, Security, and e-commerce matters: within a Project, Plan and Development of a Web Sito starting from the Advanced Model. Online Advice in preparation of a Project concerning the construction of a Web Site/Platform about GDPR, Security, Digital Internationalization, Digital Marketing, Digital Communication, Education to Web Reputation, SEO, Web Content, Social Media Marketing matters. About Management, Logistics, Legal aspects, Customer Care, Organization.

Payment: in advance, through wire

You can send the form filling in the type of consulting required and the specific matter or, if you prefer, just send an e-mail asking for information or specifying your kind of consulting requirement to the following e-mail addresses: and you will be contacted by e-mail in both cases

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