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EXPORT - Internationalization - EUROPROJECTS - Integrated Services Solutions - Outsourcing Servicers for Micro-Enterprises and SMEs

The current economics conditions lead companies to radical changes and in the present days re-organization or externalization of processes, jobs and tasks are more and more needed especially in those areas were flexibility, efficiency are more important and where results might not be so immediate, while costs are higher especially in the starting phase.

S.B.S. Consulting offer services staying by the side of  the Customer, collaborating in close synergy and co-sharing the objectives. Purpose the maximization of results through methodologies that can accompany him either in the phase of its business development and throughout strong commercial impulse and dynamism. The externalization (Outsourcing) allows high flexibility and the opportunity for a safe and controlled management of own fixed and variable costs, thus choosing a more stable and sound investment when occured.

Strategic plans either at Corporate and Competitive levels are implemented for Start-ups and for Companies, Organizations that need renovating by means of ad hoc plans created for each single framework and need.

Through a strategic well defined logic is therefore possible to manage all those business aspects presenting criticality or weaks, optimising processes and phases.
It is possible to evaluate aspects which regard the whole process from the introduction, development to the market shares acquisition (according to Customer needs)
to the back-office, customer-care, administrative and secretarial activities up to the Customization (services for Micro-Enterprises).

Export/Internationalization and Marketing Strategic are implemented either by traditional and by digital methodologies, supporting the Customer throughout those delicated phases regarding Export from the aspects of negotiating to the documents process and also in communicating in a foreign language.
Customers with on-going Project with S.B.S. Consulting that need financing or joining calls for bids might be supported by us in those delicated phases of research and in processing the documentations needed.

Services are supplied to not for-profit Organizations and to Professionals, too.

Traditional and Digital Internationalization - Outsourcing Services

S.B.S. Consulting offer services to support international business development and assistance to Microenterprises, to SMEs in Italy and abroad. Services are dedicated to start-ups, to companies and to organizations needing wide flexibility in their projects and about costs management and control. Services are offered also to support Professionals in their professional growth and business

Strategic Marketing, Strategic Digital Internationalization and Marketing
.Corporate/Competitive Strategy (Project and Implementation)
. Research and markets analyses
. Research and analyses of potential Customers/Suppliers/Partnerships/M&A 
.Strategic Digital Internationalization and Marketing
.Services for improving Corporate and/or Brand Reputation
Digitalization - Web Sites and Web Platforms Construction - SEO - WEB Content
.Project, Design and Implementation of responsive web sites, portals, e-commerce platforms integrated to companies' processes
.SEO - Services dedicated to positioning and visibility, Web content
Communication - Press Office & Media Relations on-line Services
.Press Office and Media Relations on-line Services
.Services dedicated to Corporate Communication, for the improvement of intra-company communication and with outside Stakeholders
.Services dedicated to the management of states of crises
Credit Information/Business Information
.Credit Reports/Business Information - Zone: Italy
.Credit Reports/Business Information - Zone: Foreign Countries
.Credit Risk Analysis - Evaluation of Companies' Profiles for granting credit of supplying, partnership, M&A, etc.
Strategic Consulting - Management Consulting

.Diagnosis and Strategic Management Consulting; Projects Implementation
.Temporary Management and Executive solutions
.Field - Marketing Strategic
.Field - Credit Risk Analysis - Evaluation of Companies' Profiles for supplying, partnership, M&A, etc.

Translations and Interpreting - Linguistic Consulting
.Translations/Interpreting in English and German languages
.Support and Training - individual courses and courses for small groups of people
.Support and Assistance throughout business trips

Organization of Business Events
.Organization of Business Events and Conventions as lever for improving own positioning and results
.Incentive Journeys for improving motivation and productivity

Strategic Business Solutions
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