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Management Consulting, Strategic Consulting, Growth Strategy Consulting and Implementation. Strategic Marketing, Marketing & Communication, EXPORT-Internationalization. Credit Risk Analysis and Management. Traditional and Digital Projecting and Implementation. Europrojects Management. Support  to Foreign Business Development. Diagnosis, Analysis, Projects traditional and digital Implementation, web-sites, portals, e-commerce platforms construction. Outsourcing Services. Services dedicated to micro-enterprises, SMEs companies.
Integrated Services Solutions for Microenterprises, SMEs, not-for-profit Organizations. Services dedicated to Professionals.

Management Consulting, Growth Strategy and Implementation with CSR, ESG Principles and Reporting. Integrated Services Solutions for Micro-Enterprises, SMEs, no-profit Organizations, S.B. and Professionals. Temporary Management
Management Consulting - Strategic Consulting

. Field - Management Consulting - Strategic Consulting. Diagnosis, Analysis and Management.
Consulting especially for improving performances, for bettering and add Value to the Enterprise, for accompanying also to Digital Transition, Innovation, and also to Business Growth and Development
Growth Strategy Consulting and Implementation
. Projects, Implementation according to GDPR logics up to the
 Auditing (Auditing excluded).
EuroProjects - Projects Evaluation, Consulting. Evaluation, Consulting, Project, Development and Management also related to PNRR
Financing, EU Financing for bettering Finanza Strutturata, Agevolata, Finanziamenti per migliorare i propri Asset e per meglio superare la crisi pandemica
. Field - Strategic Marketing (Consulting, Temporary Management, Executive
Solutions).Traditional and Digital Marketing
. Field - Digitalization and GDPR
. Field - GDPR up to the Auditing (Auditing excluded)
Companies' Profiles for supplying, partnerships, M&A, etc.
. Field - Organization

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EuroProject Management - NRRP - Financing - Calls for Proposals, Bids, Economic Contributions, Benefits

Europrojecting - Projects Evaluation, Advisory and Assistance.
Design, Development, Implementation and Management of National and International Projects,  Funds, Calls, Calls for Proposals also related to NRRP. Evaluation, Advisory and Management of Projects also related to NRRP.

Public Financing, EU Financing for bettering Assets, for better overcome pandemic and international crisis, for Planning Investments in Growth and Development

Management Consulting, Analysis, ad hoc Researches of Funds, Calls, Economic Contributions, Benefits, Economic Resources for Investments - Assistance - ad hoc Business Plans elaboration

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Export/Internationalization - Europroject Management

S.B.S. Consulting offer services to support international business development and assistance to Microenterprises, to SMEs in Italy and abroad. Services are dedicated to Start-ups, to companies and organizations also no-profit needing wide flexibility in their projects and about costs management and control. Temporary Management.

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Strategic Marketing

. Corporate/Competitive Strategy (Consulting and Temporary Management
  Solutions); Positioning
. Research and Market Analysis
. Research and analysis of potential Customers/Suppliers/Partnerships/Merger-
. Marketing - Traditional and Digital

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Marketing & Communication - Digital Marketing - Media Relations on-line

. Marketing - Traditional and Digital
. Services as Press Agent and Media Relations on-line
. Services for bettering company's internal communication and external communication with Stakeholder; Corporate Communication services for bettering company's visibility, the own positioning, the Corporate and/or Brand Reputation.
. Services dedicated to the management of states of crises
. The services are also offered to no-profit Organizations and to Professionals

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INTEGRATED SERVICES SOLUTIONS - OUTSOURCING SERVICES FOR MICRO ENTERPRISES, SMEs, not-for-Profit Organizations, S.B. and Professionals. Temporary Management
The current economics conditions have lead enterprises of any Sector and size to radical changes and in the present days re-organization or externalization of processes, jobs and tasks are more needed especially in those areas were flexibility, efficiency are more important are more important

Business Event, Conventions, Congresses Organization

. Organization of Business Events, Conventions, Congresses as drive for improving the own positioning and the own results; incentive journeys
 for improving motivation and productivity.

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Linguistic Support

. Translations/Interpreting English and German
. Support and Training - individual courses and courses for small groups of people
. Support and Assistance to Foreign Offices

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25th May 2018 - started the GDPR application (General Data Protection Regulation - UE 2016/679). May 17th 2019 adjustment deadline
                                                                  DIGITALIZATION, E-COMMERCE
Web sites, portals, e-commerce platforms construction. SEO

.Project, web design, construction of responsive web sites, shops on-line, portals, e-commerce platforms construction.
.SEO. Web content

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. Field - Digitalization and GDPR
. Field - GDPR - Privacy and Data Protection up to the Auditing (Auditing excluded)

the Enterprise comes from the thirty-year experience of the promoter gained in several different Sectors to support ...

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