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Business Events, Conferences, Congresses and Conventions organization, and incentive journeys for improving motivation and productivity. Consolidated enterprises can search for other improving factors in their own concern and pay attention to those aspects which are not negligible, on the contrary are basic for the vitality of the enterprise and are linked to the " human capital " or better the " human resource " foundamental resource which sustains and feeds up the enteprise.

Companies, organizations, public and private enterprises are increasingly more interested in Events in all their typologies, and in fact, can be considered an important or a fundamental lever of Communication and Marketing, if carefully chosen as the most proper tools for achieving the own objectives. Before organizing an event is therefore recommended to evaluate all the pros and cons about this choice, keeping into consideration the commitment of energies, human and economic resources occurring.

It is not always necessary to organize an event, which can result under the expectations if not well organized and without the right details; it is a complex tool which need strong skills in planning, organization, creativity, management and in the coordination of different competences, further to require very often huge amount of economic resources.

Any kind of event, also the smallest ones, require a correct planning and management, and this worths much more in case of big events: the organization of Big Events affects the complexity of activities and therefore these kinds of events make the difference: planning, co-ordinating, managing and orchestrate all the elements without showing them.

Further to the technical and the organizational aspects, the Event is a very powerful tool that can be a fundamental or a necessary component related to a wider strategic plan of Communication, Marketing and Promotion.

A successful event must be organized with accuracy and in detail and must also include those elements related to Emotion and Experience: location, equipments, sounds, lightings, colours, sweet smells, settings, foods and entertainments are all elements that must be taken carefully into consideration and not left just for case. One of the most common mistake affecting the good result of the event is not to be able to evaluate and foresee all the possible variables and manage also the unexpected occurrences.

The Advantages of the Events therefore can be identified in the following:

-capability to gather lots of people and to transmit at the same time the own Communication, Information, Knowledge, the own Educational Formats with efficacy and efficiently in a very limited time.

-it takes the aspect of a celebration arousing emotion, allowing a memorable experience

-capability to achieve more objectives at the same time

-possibility to promote social purposes and fund-raising by means not only of a memorable event, but also sensational which can be scheduled periodically

-possibility for companies and organizations to transmit new messages of communication and information to their own employees and co-workers, and to improve the business climate, the relationships and the business objectives.

Once evaluated the feasibility of the Event and the advantages it can offer to the own Company or Organization, having considered the Event the right choice, it is recommended to start planning and setting up the event even many months before, in order to meet the Expectations either of the Customer and of the Participants, and for the correct organization.

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