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In more and more complex market conditions the control of management and credit become levers more and more important and fundamental for enterprises.

Unfortunately, the scientific and correct management of commercial credit is very often little considered, particularly by Micro and Small Enterprise, but also by SMEs; this is for different reasons and also for the lack of possibility to have a department or a manager dedicated to it.

The management of Credit is a complex activity, moreover there is a lack of culture about the activities related to the management, the control, the monitoring of credit or about the credit lines usage. These activities, furthermore, contribute widely to the improvement of cash-flow and to the achievement of positive results.

Big-sized companies and especially those ones having business at high-flow customers, generally, have dedicated Credit Departments, other big-sized companies manage credit activities differently, often sharing them among Finance/Accountancy/Commercial departments.

In a long-term vision for the enterprise and also for the small one, the Credit Risk Management has not to be considered a cost, but in the trade-off the possibility to still survive in the future in international markets more and more highly competitive through the correct logic sequence of organization of processes, activities and management of credit, further to timely communication and actions inside and outside the enterprise.  

The development of a scientific correct approach to the management of credit and in particular to the risk of credit gives the opportunity to lead with efficacy the decisional processes, allowing a competitive advantage to the enterprise and to create profit.

S.B.S. Consulting offers Advice and Support about Credit Risk Analysis and Management, and in the implementation of processes and activities also as Temporary Management.

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