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In the last years no-profit organizations, already numerous on national scale, are increasing: as per tradition the Italian population has always been sensitive to social topics, hospitable and friendly is always ready to help people and to do it in all the possible ways with great creativity and lot of heart.

Since 2014 has been going on a transformation in the no-profit world due to the New Reform of the Third Sector. The Reform is focused on creating order and homogeneity in the legislative issues on national scale, following also the European guide lines which at the present take into consideration professional managers profiles leading Organizations or their Projects focusing on the improvement, an employment increasing, and to boost up the countrywide system. The norms still under change and improvement into force in 2019 when the Unified Register of the Associations is ready, in the meantime, the Organizations have time to make their changes.

In this context of total excitement and enthusiasm S.B.S. Consulting stands by the side of the Organization for supporting it in its needs of changes or in its start-up phase and development. This is a very rewarding Experience of growth either Professional and Human for both parties, of strong dynamism of open vision to the future focusing on the needs and on the social purposes of the Organization in its specific field.

S.B.S. Consulting Mission is that of offering a guide, advice and assistance, to set structural and organizational changes necessary related to the internal and external concrete needs of the Organization, facing with confidence its own commitments and focusing on its own social objectives.

Consulting Areas: Strategic Consulting at Corporate level, Management Consulting, Organization, Marketing Strategic; Social, Medical, Pharmaceutical Marketing; Communication; business Event organization; Corporate Fund-Raising. Consulting at basic legal level. Consulting about digital issues applied to no-profit. Areas: traditional and digital.

Organizations are led and supported limiting their costs with the purpose to use the collected resources for the implementation of the social activities.


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