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There are Funds for:         

.projects for start-up or development/growth of enterprise
.innovation, research and technology                                              
.environment, transports and energy
.human resources
.culture and means of communication
.extra EU

among the others


The decision of allocating financing of the European Union is taken by the local financial institution such as banks, venture-capital funds or by investors.
Also the details about financing conditions are decided by the financial institutions. There is also the possibility to obtain micro-credit.
Funds can be allocated also by means of calls and concern either private and public companies, which mostly work on tenders, and no-profit organizations engaged in all fields.
Five big Funds work jointly for supporting the economic development of all European Union countries and are included in the European Strategy 2020:
many calls will be therefore available up to 2020 and are subject of periodical monitoring, too.
The particular situation started in 2020 has caused important changes, news and re-scheduled programs already started. Ask for more information about the matter sending a requirement by the form per e-mail or by e-mail.

S.B.S. Consulting can:

offer Advisoring services: in Strategic Analysis, in selecting the best Strategic Objectives matching the Customer Needs and the other necessary aspects, in the Analysis of Financing opportunities by scouting the best Calls/Bids suitable to the Customer Profile, NRRP, evaluate the matrix of financing the Project, define the Strategy for the Proposal presentation with the best chance of success
.support the Elaboration and the Evaluation of the Idea of the Project
.assist in defining the Project Proposal
.assist and accompany in the Selection and in the Choice of the Italian and Foreign Partners
.supply the Specialized Competences in the Coordination of the Project in case approved
.start and keep contacts with the Contacts Points of the Project's Program
.prepare the Project and all the documentation in Italian language and in English language directly on the job

Within Projects SBS Consulting can also be your Partner in the following Competences Areas:
.Management Consulting, Strategic Consulting
.Study/Evaluation/Consulting of Traditional and Digital Project
.EXPORT/Internationalization - Diagnosis, Analysis, Consulting, Planning and Implementation
.Traditional and Digital Strategic Marketing - Diagnosis, Analysis, Consulting, Planning and Implementation
.Traditional and Digital Marketing & Communication, including Consulting, Design, Project, Construction of Web Sites, Portals, Platforms
.Translations into English and German languages


The new balance-sheet of the European Union or "multi-annual financial framework" provides a funding program from 2014 to 2020. The European programs have been improved  for giving impulse to the key sectors and "re-starting" the European Union.

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  Opportunities NRRP 2023 and Internationalization: Calls and Incentives

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The European Commission has launched the Project named "Data Pitch" applied to start-up and to those enterprises already joining the Program "Horizon 2020". The Bid provides for an amount of Euros 100.000,00 for supporting the 50 best

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