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S.B.S. Consulting purpose is to support and promote on international markets mainly Micro and SMEs Companies, and "Made in Italy" enterprises belonging to diversified industries on different markets especially supporting the management in their structural organization, in their development and in promotional activities, in export and internationalizing their businesses. Purpose is also to suggest tools for better control their own positioning on markets, their economic/financial aspects, for better manage their own resources, for granting credit of supplying and manage their own liquidity, or to be more confident with the foreign languages usage offering a continuous assistance for the time being through a simple, friendly but professional approach.

The S.B.S. Consulting Starting Point in Corporate and Competitive Strategic Decision Areas is the Company's Profile Evaluation to verify, define, change, improve, set-up Corporate and Competitive Strategies in order to create Value either for the Enterprise/Organization and for all the Stakeholders.

Moreover, Projects are designed/created supported by Pre-Feasibility, Feasibility and Sustainability Analysis and Study, Business Plans, Budget and Forecasting, Implementation to create Value, Financial Soundness, Balance, and Development Opportunity to the Enterprise and to the Organizations. The whole Management Consulting Area, Projects are designed, developed taking into consideration the Corporate Social Responsibility and the Principlesd and Reporting ESG aspects.

In carrying out activities related to events organization it applies also to the service of highly qualified people working in their specific sectors for decades on international scale, who teach in the best universities in Italy, in Europe, and in USA.

S.B.S. Consulting offer consulting and assistance to Customers approaching their starting and development steps especially on international markets.

Upon requirement, Micro-Enterprises and SMEs can choose to be supported in outsourcing by S.B.S. from the beginning of the development project especially on international markets, to the implementation of its own network or of its Foreign Department up to the consolidation of its results, adopting a careful management of fixed and variable costs and thus choosing a more stable and sound investment when occured.


Diagnosis and Management Consulting, Strategic Consulting, traditional Strategic Marketing and Strategic Digital Marketing services further to marketing and communication plannings are offered and planned ad hoc according to the Customer needs either to Micro-Enterprise and to SMEs for bettering reputation, brand reputation, visibility and positioning. The services are offered to no-profit Organizations, S.B., Start-Ups and Professionals, too.   
Credit Risk Analysis for supplying and Companies Profiles evaluation services are offered to medium and large sized companies (business information /economic information) which are particularly suitable to manufacturing and to large distribution companies.
In more and more complex environments a strategic and operating marketing approach allows better performance in the own development and in economic results. Digital Marketing is not a traditional channel of communication, but an innovative and supportive one, which nowadays should be present in each Company and also the small ones.
S.B.S. offer to associations, leagues, coops, artisans, start ups and especially to small sized companies consulting for bettering and implement their Enterprise Value, in organizing their own activities, support and assistance in business development projects and about partnerships on international markets.

Enterprises can rely on an ad hoc service that accompanies them especially throughout their own starting and development steps, also supported by foreign languages assistance throughout  trade fairs, business trips, conventions, business events, in addition to translations from English and German into Italian and vice-versa. In short time they can also get economics information and a general picture of their potential or acquired Partners, Customers, Suppliers, starting, or bettering a clear partnership of reciprocal trust and development.
They can also rely on an ad hoc service of Export-Internationalization, events organization suitable also for medium large sized companies.
S.B.S. applie to non native English speakers self-employed, entrepreneurs, companies' managers of any size who are willing to get basic English knowledge or to improve their results and get self-confidence in English speech. Ad hoc English lessons packages are offered either individually and in groups on the web. The web use is suggested to those ones who do not have time and need an intensive program of study and results.

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