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Office - address and contacts:

S.B.S. Consulting - Silvia E.A. Siminelli
Via Palmanova 213/A
20132 Milan - I.
phone: +39 371 647 5875
info.crm.sbsconsultingstudio (at)
VAT N. 07652330965

                 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY


From highways and ringroads: Milano - Tangenziale Est uscita 9 Gobba/Via Padova (Milan - East Ringroad - gate: 9 Cascina Gobba/Via Padova)
direction: Milano/Milano Centro (Milan/Center of Milan)
From Milan: Tangenziale Est uscita 9 Gobba/Via Padova (Milan - East Ringroad - gate: 9 Cascina Gobba/Via Padova)
direction: Milano/Milano Centro (Milan/Center of Milan)
Metropolitana/Underground: MM2 Crescenzago

According to the New European Regulation (GDPR) n. 679/2016 (ex D.Lgs 196/2003, referring to the previous Law 675/96 about "privacy"), herein You are informed that all Your Details or those ones of Your Company collected by means of the present form will not be divulgated to Third Party and will not be used for other purposes different from this (requirement of information about Consulting; question(s) about a specific area of Consulting Services offered by S.B.S. Consulting). After written Agreement of service purchase and after having received Your Authorization, the company's data will be collected and treated only by S.B.S. Consulting for processing the offer, the order, the order confirmation, the service itself, and for issuing the invoice. You may also not accept this, however this will not allow S.B.S. Consulting to offer the services.

Moreover, the collected details could be processed only for statistics purposes by S.B.S. Consulting Studio and/or used only for sending e-mail about S.B.S. Consulting service communication, promotions, information about topics treated by S.B.S. Consulting (i.e. newsletter) according to Your authorization.

The collected data are: company's style or the name of the Professional, address, town, VAT number, Fiscal Code, e-mail account, telephone, fax, mobile numbers.

In case of requirement of information through this form only an e-mail account is required, collected just to reply, and the kind of requirement.
Only in case of interest and for understanding the matter proposed other details will be asked, but will not be filed up before starting the service.

It is possible to ask for the consent withdrawal, modification, cancellation of Your data or of the data related to Your Company from data-banks at any time by e-mail. You will receive a confirmation about the receipt of Your requirement per e-mail.

The data will be kept in data-banks for one year.

Before sending any data or information to us please read the privacy policy in the footer.

By sending any data, detail or information it is understood that you have read, understood and accepted the privacy policy related to the processing of data and personal data.

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