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The growing Climate Changing issues and the crisis of these latest years have been increasing the Awareness and the need to find solutions for mitigating the negative effects which have a strong Environmental, Economics and Social impacts.

The ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Issues apply to the Climate Neutralization by means of ONU 2023 Agenda, the European Green Deal defining models for reaching these Objectives.

The main International and National Organizations have been elaborating and the present fefining the standards parameters to be used universally.

Since January 2023 the Big Companies are obliged to present the Non Financial Declaration of Sustainability (Sustainability Reporting) however this document is already advised also to the Enterprises of any Sector and Size proportionally to their characteristics. This is because proportionally they also have an impact on the Environment: climate issues involve everybody also Citizens each one in our own dimension.

The ESG Principles and Standards of GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) are at the present the main referee points for elaborating the Non Financial Declaration to be presented and published together with the annual official documents.
GRI Guide Lines are composed by GRI 101 for the Balance Sheets Principles, GRI 102 and GRI 103 are the Universal Standards: GRI 101 is related to the general information of the Enterprise  as starting point, GRI 102 is related to the ways for publishing information about the Company, GRI 103 refers to the Management for each topic.
GRI 200 refers to the Economics Field, GRI 300 to the Environmental Field, GRI 400 to the Social Field.

If strategically planned by the Company GRIs are a model which offer opportunities for an Efficient Organization with a Forward Vision of the Future.

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