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Strategic Marketing - Corporate and Competitive

Corporate and Competitive Strategic Marketing allow  the Company or the Organization to trace its own vision, the direction of its own development and its positioning on national and international markets. Strategic Marketing includes analysis of the Company and of its external environments focused on reaching the forecasted results.
In more and more complex environments strategic marketing approaches allow better performances not only to the own development but also and especially for reaching economic results. It is therefore basically important since the beginning to set-up a Corporate Marketing Strategy focused on the positioning of the Company on international markets through a valid organization setting up, a careful evaluation of markets and competitors, the analysis of the own products and services and of those marketing aspects fundamental for the own business.
Microenteprises and Medium-Sized companies not organized yet are accompanied in their starting phases and in their development in terms of  organization, internal company's processes and in their activities, in the analysis of the own products and services, taking care of traditional marketing aspects related to the own business.

Strategic Digital Marketing and
Digital EXPORT

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Management allow  especially to micro-enterprises and to medium-sized companies to overcome important and strategic barriers which curb their development. These are therefore basic or complementary tools according to  the specific company's environment which certainly offer visibility, wide flexibility in terms of operations and costs.

More and more companies nowadays use digital channelsfor reaching their Customers; by the next years and decades the internet traffic will develop at a dizzy speed.
The network offers great opportunity of visibility and of development not only to big companies, but also and especially to Micro-enterpresis and to MSCs. Therefore it is possible to increase the own business either on local scale and geolocalizing the own business on national and on international scale.

Communication and Communication Technics therefore are fundamental Assets supported by Marketing, if they are approached in a proper manner, following the correct criteria.
A proper, focused and effective Communication allows to the Company, the Organization and also the Professional to create or to better its own Brand or Image moreover the Customers/Consumers Experience.
In this way added Value is being offered not only for the benefit of the Customer, but also to the Community to be shared with Stakeholders, bettering the results.

Social Media Marketing Management

Technical innovations have led to changes in all fields; digital channels have transformed dynamics and behaviours of companies and users.
Communication and Marketing have found in digitalization completely different ways  and wide expression, becoming tools that offer valid opportunities if correctly used, in order to avoid negative facts and results either for companies and for Professionals.

Digital channels can be therefore a valid support and basic or complementary tools for the development of  any business either profit, not for profit and for Professionals, however by adopting a professional approach of study, careful and depth analysis and well planned strategies.

S.B.S. Consulting offer services of  Strategic Corporate Digital Marketing taking care of all aspects not only related to Communication and Marketing on the web and on the Social Media, but related to markets, platforms and competition.

It is therefore set up an accurate diagnosis of  the Company/Organization or related to the activities of the Professional, further to the analysis of the external environments of the web and social media platforms, markets and digital competitors.

A support is given to the commercial area regarding  the business development especially on international markets, implementing in a Consulting way the strategies and also Customer-Care activities up the customization of the Company's acquired Customers.

Therefore S.B.S. Customer is followed in its own starting phases, in its development until it is able to reach the characteristic and an organization suitable to its specific needs.  
This allows the Customer to make small, flexible phased investments limiting the risks of enterprise.

Digital Internationalization embraces however many aspects even more complex, which need to be evaluated very carefully. Therefore it is very important to know markets, cultures of  the Countries and to have an adequate approach and strategy for each situation and Country, taking into consideration very well everything related to products export.

S.B.S. offer its own integrated services about  Management Consulting, Strategic Marketing, Operative Marketing, Out-Sourcing Services dedicated especially to Micro-enterprises and to Medium-Sized Companies which are not organized, yet.


The Strategic Digital Consulting is set up and documentation and reports are prepared, focused on building up the Company or the Professional Digital Identity and Reputation further to the Brand awareness, keeping into consideration further important factors such as technology, legal matters for the development of business on markets. This allows to limit also legal barriers, focusing on reduction in investments, costs and optimizing economic results. Documentation moreover holds plans of strategies, of activities and about marketing campaigns. All activities are therefore monitored, analysed and evaluated in their next actions.

About the management of Social Media Campaigns especially Professional and Microenterprise are accompanied by tutoring in order to make them indipendent in manage their activities and campaigns, offering always consulting and assistance at 360°.

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